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  • Pure Water Window Cleaning

    Pure water-fed pole window cleaning has revolutionised window cleaning, transforming it from a man with a ladder, a dirty rag into a highly professional industry.

  • How does it clean my windows?

    Pure water wants to be dirty again, when it is applied to your windows using one of our water fed extending poles, it attracts dirt like a magnet, without the need for detergent. Any dried-on dirt is scrubbed off using our soft brushes.


    The water that comes out of your tap contains a number of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium, which when sprayed onto a window and left to dry will leave residues on the glass.


    With traditional window cleaning methods, a thin film of detergent is left on the window after squeegeeing. Being detergent, it attracts dirt to itself, meaning that your windows get dirty again. 

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